The University of Geneva is a partner of the Swiss Finance Institute (a private foundation created by Switzerland's banking and Finance community in cooperation with leading Swiss universities) and as such, the GFRI’s research and activities are aligned with those carried out by the SFI. Moreover, our doctoral education is integrated into the SFI Leman doctoral program in Finance and our professors are all affiliated to Swiss Finance Institute.

The Swiss Finance Institute PhD Program in Finance targets academic excellence. By providing an intellectual environment and curriculum comparable with the top PhD programs in Europe and North America. The PhD program operates at the three Swiss Finance Institute campuses in Geneva/Lausanne (Léman), Lugano and Zurich.

The curriculum comprises two phases: one preparatory year of intensive coursework followed by three years of advanced studies and research. The Program covers a wide range of subjects including Economics, Financial Economics, Corporate Finance, Mathematical Finance, and Econometrics. All courses are taught by internationally renowned academics from Switzerland, Europe, and North America. The Program offers the ideal framework for inspiring and successful PhD studies in Finance.

Applicants should have a strong interest in research activities and the desire to pursue an academic career or a finance research career within the public or private sector. Ideally an applicant's academic record will include a solid background in Economics as well as in Financial Mathematics although a missing prerequisite course might be takens at the beginning of the PhD program.

Please visit the Swiss Finance Institute website for further information.

The Geneva Master in Wealth Management degree is accredited as a Master of Science in Wealth Management from the University of Geneva. It is vocationally-oriented and combines both practice and in-depth theoretical study, which is essential for gaining a thorough understanding of both wealth management and of finance in general. The course is also dedicated to contributing to the development of the field through research.

The course is based on modules designed to help students acquire an in-depth knowledge of risk management, international finance, banking and finance law and how to evaluate and select financial assets.

Please visit the Geneva Master in Wealth Management website for further information.

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