18 April 2016

Prof. Valta forthcoming publication in the Journal of Financial Economics

Prof. Philip Valta's research paper Debt Enforcement, Investment, and Risk Taking Across Countries (with Erwan Morellec, Giovanni Favara, and Enrique Schroth) has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Financial Economics.
18 April 2016

Video Presentation: Prof. Fabio Trojani

Prof. Fabio Trojani presenting his research "From Data Science to Hedge Fund Performance" at the 5th Swiss Asset Management Day on 7 April 2016
13 April 2016

Prof. Tony Berrada forthcoming publication in “Current Biology”

"Variance after-effects distort risk perception in humans" by E. Payzan-LeNestour, B. W Balleine, T. Berrada & J. Pearson is forthcoming in Current Biology.