22 January 2020

RadioLAC : L’UNIGE et la FER main dans la main pour une formation

Une formation qui repose essentiellement sur des vidéos et qui poursuit un objectif ambitieux: être capable de maîtriser – en cinq mois – la plupart des […]
22 January 2020

New publication by Prof. K. Preuschoff in the Journal of Neuroscience

The research paper “Anterior insula reflects surprise in value-based decision-making and perception” by Prof. Kerstin Preuschoff co-authored with Leyla Loued-Khenissi, Adrien Pfeuffer and Wolfgang Einhäuser has […]
20 January 2020

Geneva Summit on Sustainable Finance 2020 – Call for papers

The Geneva Summit on Sustainable Finance invites researchers to submit their papers to be considered for presentation at the next summit on November 10th 2020. SUBMISSION […]
16 January 2020

L’Unige et la FER s’allient pour une formation en Finance

L’UNIGE et la FER s’allient pour une formation Institutionnel L’Agefi, 16.01.2020 Maîtriser l’essentiel de la finance en cinq mois, à raison d’une heure de vidéo par […]
8 January 2020

Save the date, 21 January, from 13.30 to 17.15 at UNIGE: GIWM Annual Workshop Recent Trends in Wealth Management

Registration required, please register here
13 December 2019

Prof. Giuseppe Ugazio dans “Entreprise Romande”

Les nouveaux visages de la philanthropie
10 December 2019

“Treating stablecoins like ETFs” in Financial Times with Mr. Tammaro Terracciano

We’ve often argued that a stablecoin is nothing more than a glorified exchange traded fund (ETF).  So when it comes to the fuss about how to regulate […]
10 December 2019

Maîtrise des Marchés Financiers 2020

Maîtriser l’essentiel de la finance en 5 mois
3 December 2019

video “Scope and limits for machine intelligence in finance” at Swissquote Conference 2019 on Artificial Intelligence in Finance with Prof. Scaillet

3 December 2019

“Stabilising stablecoins: A pragmatic regulatory approach” with Mr. T. Terracciano in VOX

Policymakers are concerned about the stability of private digital currencies and protecting the consumers who use them. This column, part of VoxEU debate on the future […]