Prof. Harald Hau @ European Systematic Risk Board on Derivative Reform Conference
26 September 2016
Management quality matters: Evidence from labour cost shocks in China with Professor Harald Hau
18 October 2016
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Change of Governance at GFRI

After eight years spent as the Managing Director of GFRI, Prof. Rajna Gibson Brandon felt that her mission of creating the GFRI, carrying the faculty build up of the Institute and consolidating its future funding has been accomplished and that it was time for a change in leadership.

She has thus stepped down as Managing Director of GFRI as of the 1st of October 2016 and has the great pleasure to announce that GFRI will now be managed by Professor Harald Hau for a period of two years.

Rajna Gibson Brandons remains affiliated to GFRI as an SFI Senior Chair Professor of Finance and as Deputy Director of GFRI and will remain deeply engaged for GFRI’s future academic success in promoting an inter-disciplinary approach to research and education in finance.