Didier Grandjean

Associate Professor of Psychology

Didier Grandjean is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Geneva.

His research interests are in the neuropsychology of emotion and the cortical determinants involved in the cognitive processes during the genesis of emotion.

The processes underlying the perception and evaluation of emotional prosody are a major topic of his research. Different projects are ongoing in collaboration with the University Hospital of Geneva using brain imaging techiques. fMRI and high density surface electroencephalography are used to investigate the psychological processes involved in emotional prosody decoding. Beyond these usual brain imaging techniques, local field potentials (LFPs) analysis from intracranial recordings in humans is used to determine the treatment of information processes in the perception of emotional auditory stimuli and the relationship between attention and emotion.

He is particularly interested in the cerebral mechanisms of the cognitive processes of emotional prosody at conscious and unconscious levels. The particular processes involved in semantic prosody compared to emotional prosody are addressed in collaboration with the Geneva University Hospital using dense electroencephalography methods as well as intracranial recordings.

Currently, he is researcher in the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences and in the Geneva Emotion Research Group.